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FP Lunch is a weekly gathering of people interested in functional programming. We meet for an informal lunchtime discussion most Fridays during term at 12:00, in room B31.

The main idea behind the meetings is that each week we will have one or two discussions on topics that people have found interesting, are working on, or need some help on. It can be especially useful to PhD students to get extra insight into their research and to learn about other areas of research. Discussion topics include, but are not limited to: Functional Programming (esp. Haskell), Type Theory (esp. Dependent Types & Epigram), Quantum Computing (esp. QML), Category Theory, Proof Planning and Sudoku. Every fortnight a PhD student gets top-billing to present their work.

Most of these meetings take the form of one or more white-board discussions, with much interaction between the speakers and the audience. To keep the informal nature of the meetings and encourage discussion, using notes or slides is discouraged, and questions encouraged.

Remember to bring along your sandwiches (and possibly a chair too!)